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About Us

Keri Davis trained as a nurse in New Zealand and went on to lead public health education campaigns around issues including diabetes and eldercare. She has nursed young women through cervical cancer - which is horrible and degrading, and lost a friend to the disease when she was only 39 years old. This friend was initially described by health care providers as "just a complaining woman" and by the time her cancer was diagnosed it was beyond treatment; she died three weeks later.

Ruth Dell is a retired high school biology teacher and curriculum leader with a special interest in evidence-based medicine. She has encouraged hundreds of her students to explore the latest scientific research and to seek advice from the medical community in making decisions about their health. Ruth is a cancer survivor.

Juliet Guichon is a former pupil of three Calgary Catholic Schools: Sacred Heart Elementary, St. Martin de Porres Junior High School and Bishop Carroll High School. Her mother also attended Sacred Heart School and St. Mary's Girls High School, Calgary; and her father, the Jesuit Campion College in Regina. Juliet is an academic, whose very dear friend died of cervical cancer leaving scores of bereaved loved ones, especially her husband, children, parents and family.

Tom Keenan is a Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. An award winning science journalist, he hosted "The Human Side of Medicine" on CBC Radio for several years and currently writes a regular column on Men's Health for the Calgary Herald.

Phuoc Lam is a Information Technology consultant and freelance software and web developer. He believes in immunization and the right for individuals, parents, and children to easily receive affordable health care.

Bruno Masquillier is the father of two daughters. His wife, their mother, died in 2005 of cervical cancer. Bruno was raised in a Catholic church that praised "scientific study and fidelity toward truth in scientific inquiries, the necessity of working together with others in technical groups, a sense of international solidarity, a clearer awareness of the responsibility of experts to aid and even to protect men, the desire to make the conditions of life more favourable for all" (Gaudium et Spes, promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI, 1965)

Heather Meyers attended Sacred Heart Junior High in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, where she was inspired by her educators, the Sisters, to value and stand up for the rights of children and the disenfranchised. Heather was confirmed at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. She is a parent and advocate for HPV vaccinations, and has lost a dear friend to this disease. Heather is an educator and opera singer who has performed at La Scala and Carnegie Hall.

Cory Miller is a concerned parent whose daughter has attended school within the Catholic system. Because of the tragic and unnecessary loss of a dear friend with two young children to this disease, she is a strong advocate for the HPV vaccination for girls and boys. Ms. Miller is an educator and former opera singer with New York City Opera who has had the honour to sing a recital at the Vatican.