banner photo, vaccinating kids against HPV saves lives

Calgary Catholic students flock to HPV vaccine despite past controversy

Metro News, Feb 11, 2013:

Audrey Farrier on CBC Radio, Dec 5, 2012:

HPV packets heading to Calgary Catholic homes this week, bishop's letter not included

Metro News, Dec 4, 2012:

Calgary Catholic School Board overturns ban on HPV vaccine

Calgary Herald, Nov 28, 2012:
Global News Calgary, Nov 29, 2012:
Calgary Sun, Nov 29, 2012:
Lifesitenews, Nov 29, 2012:
Metro News, Nov 29, 2012:

HPV vaccine ban in Calgary Catholic schools will go to vote

Calgary Herald, Nov 28, 2012:

Why girls should receive the HPV vaccine

Calgary Herald, Nov 26, 2012:

Catholics debate vaccine

On CBC News Nov 20, 2012:

Calgary Catholic school board should reverse ban on HPV vaccine

The Globe and Mail, Nov 20, 2012:

Mother shares shocking HPV experience

On Global News, Calgary. Nov 20, 2012:

School council meetings become venue for Calgary Catholic school HPV debate

Metro News, Nov 15, 2012

Calgary Catholic School District board to consult with parents about HPV vaccine

Calgary Sun, Oct 24, 2012
Calgary Herald, Oct 25, 2012
Metro News, Oct 25, 2012
Winnipeg Free Press, Oct 29, 2012

HPV Vaccine Does Not Increase Sexual Activity: Study

Published on HuffPost Oct 15, 2012:

Study sparks renewed push for Calgary Catholic trustees to allow HPV vaccine in schools

Published in the Calgary Sun, Oct 15, 2012: