banner photo, vaccinating kids against HPV saves lives

On November 28, 2012 we, as Canadians, congratulated the Calgary Catholic School District Board for permitting eligible children to receive the HPV vaccine in school. This is traditionally the least costly and most effective venue for vaccination of school aged children.

The school trustees' 2012 vote followed advocacy for children by HPV Calgary.

On September 24, 2008, Trustees of the Calgary Catholic School District decided to prevent the administration of the HPV vaccine available in schools under their jurisdiction. At least nine other Alberta Catholic School Boards did the same.

Trustees of the Catholic school system in Edmonton, however, did not ban the in-school HPV vaccination administration.

As a result, two demographically similar populations (girls in Catholic schools in Calgary and Edmonton) had different access to the same preventative health care, making it possible to compare the result.

In Edmonton Catholic Schools, approximately 70% of eligible girls received the vaccine in 2009, whereas only 18.9% of eligible Calgary girls received the vaccine outside the schools.