banner photo, vaccinating kids against HPV saves lives

HPV 101

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1. What is HPV?

2. How is HPV transmitted?

3. What are the harms caused by HPV?

4. What do diseases caused by HPV look like?

5. How can HPV be prevented?

6. What are the vaccines?

7. Is the vaccine safe?

8. Does the vaccine work?

9. Does administration of the vaccine to a young person encourage the child to engage in sexual activity?

10. Who endorses the vaccine?

11. Is it a good idea to vaccinate my son?

12. How can my child become vaccinated?

13. What has happened in Calgary to undermine public health efforts to prevent cancer?

Mexico: 5th-grade girls get HPV vaccine

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Click link below to read the full article.

Study shows HPV vaccine successful against genital warts

Examiner, Apr 19, 2013:

P.E.I. boys offered HPV vaccine

CBC News, Apr 19, 2013:


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